Propane truck rollover

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A truck filled with propane rolled over near Hardisty on August 20, 2013. The female driver was trapped in the truck, but was pulled to safety by two individuals who had witnessed the accident happen.

The accident occurred just before 9am, on Hwy 872, south of Hwy 608. As a result of the rollover, the highway was blocked for several hours.

The driver was taken to Hardisty hospital via ambulance and treated for a badly injured arm.  She was then taken to Edmonton for further treatment.

The propane truck appeared to have rolled onto its side after the driver over-corrected upon driving off the road and into the ditch.  The propane vessel was not compromised in the rollover.

The highway maintenance crew, Carillion, re-directed traffic and the highway was re-opened a number of hours later.

According to Killam RCMP, neither alcohol nor drugs were believed to be factors in the collision.

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