Propaganda and misinformation will continue

Dear Editor:

Re: ‘Someone is always happy to think for you’,  Jan. 12, 2017
The politicians know that most people will not bother to do any research, and that most people will not change their minds even if the evidence/facts presented proves their positions/ideas are wrong.
If a conservative politician in Alberta states that the NDP government of Premier Rachel Notley is undemocratic, the majority of citizens in rural Alberta will automatically agree because most citizens in rural Alberta either support the Wildrose Party or the Progressive Conservatives (PCs).
The chances of a liberal or a socialist (NDP) getting elected in rural areas are slim and none. Why? Rural folks have been told, since Moses was a child, that liberals and socialists love to spend/waste taxpayers’ money while fiscally prudent conservatives never, ever misspend/waste  money.
Hmm? Whatever happened to the Heritage Trust Fund that Premier Peter Lougheed established?
What about the PCs buying their own airplanes with our money?
What about Premier Alison Redford using our money to build a private condo on top of a building in Edmonton?
How about the Harper government spending untold millions on the F-35 fighter program which became costlier every year?
How about Harper’s minister of defense, Peter McKay, using Canadian military helicopters to fly him to fishing resorts?
The arguments that most politicians use deflect criticism on their policies or actions are that the other political party/parties do the same things.
Obviously, two wrongs make a right, eh?
Justin Trudeau criticized the conservatives for wasting tax dollars on a “lemon” (F-35), and he promised to cancel the deal, but he hasn’t.
He also promised to have an open competition for the next generation of fighter planes, but that hasn’t happened either.
He also promised to cancel a $15 billion military deal with the Saudis that the Harper regime made, but didn’t.
He also promised to cancel Bill C-51, but that legislation is still on the books.
Trudeau, like Harper, promised to be transparent, but so far he hasn’t shown much transparency. So much for promises, eh?
Since the average person doesn’t bother to verify statements made by politicians, most politicians will continue to use propaganda and misinformation to “hoodwink” the voters.
George Thatcher
Trochu, Ab.

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