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Approval was given to renew the Town of Hardisty’s membership with the Battle River Watershed Alliance (BRWA) at 50 cents per capita at Hardisty’s regular Town Council meeting on Nov. 13.

The renewal cost for 2019 will be $277 based on the 2016 Census population of 554 people.

THE BRWA plans for the sustainable management of land and water resources in the Battle River Watershed.

Four orders of Government (Municipal, Federal, Provincial and First Nations) make up the BRWA along with watershed groups, environmental organizations, industry, academia and private citizens.

“They continually do the watershed management planning, right now with our lake I think it is pretty important,” stated Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) Sandy Otto when describing all the background research work the BRWA had already completed in the Hardisty area and how handy and cost efficient it will be for the town to have all this accessible information available when they are making a plan for Hardisty Lake.

FIRST fundraiser

Flagstaff’s Informed Response Sharing Team (FIRST) will receive a $250 donation and will purchase four tickets to the event. Money raised at the event will be used to fund programs that FIRST provides.

FIRST program provides outreach, response, service and community education aimed at making life better for children and families in the County of Flagstaff.

FIRST works closely with the schools and has helped implement the Olweus anti-bullying program to most of the schools and partners with Flagstaff Family and Community Services in offering a counselling program.

Municipal accounting software

Council will continue with Municipal Information Systems Inc. (MuniWare) at a cost of $936.16 per month, totalling $11,233.92 for 2019.

Since the early 2000s, MuniWare has been providing the Town of Hardisty with municipal accounting software.

The town finds they provide good service and have competitive, affordable rates.

Safety issues need addressing The Flagstaff County Peace Officers made a total of 39 patrols to the community of Hardisty during July 1, 2018, to Sept. 20 which resulted in three violation tickets and one warning ticket, all for vehicle equipment registrations.

Council discussed the need for more stop sign enforcement and the possibility of photo radar to control people speeding on the highway that goes through town.

CAO Otto is going to ask the peace officers to address both these traffic concerns as they present safety issues for the community.

Arena renovations complete

CAO Otto reported the renovations to the arena have been finished and once the safety inspection with the engineer and project manager is officially completed there will be a grand opening.

“It looks good and everyone seems happy,” commented Otto when describing all the finishing touches that have been done.


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