Premier indoctrinating students

Dear Editor,
I saw Premier Notley on TV tonight talking to high school students about the necessity of shutting down coal fired power plants because of the impacts of climate change. It’s alarming that she is indoctrinating students.

As a farmer, two of my major inputs are C02 and water. Both are considered greenhouse gases. Maybe we should quit growing crops.

I recently came across a website called that dispels a lot of myths about so called climate change. Several eminent scientists are part of this coalition. They point out that C02 levels of 400ppm are actually close to starvation levels compared to the several thousand ppm over most of the earth’s existence.

Greenhouse gases do warm the earth by hindering the escape of radiation. If not for greenhouse gases most of the oceans would be frozen and life wouldn’t exist.

Satellite measurements show the earth hasn’t warmed nearly as much as the computer models predicted. In fact, it hasn’t warmed at all in 20 years. The ice in Antarctica is growing.  Team Obama is trying to dispute the science but 300 experts on data quality have sent a letter to the House Committee on Science Space and Technology pointing out that the Feds attempt to erase or ignore evidence is in contravention of the Data Quality Act of 2001.

Maybe there is hope for sanity after all.

The coalition’s claim is that the war on fossil fuels isn’t based on science but on unreliable climate models. Instead of correcting the models team Obama is trying to dispute the evidence.

Their observations indicate the earth’s temperature could possibly rise by one degree by 2100. In their estimation the increased temperature and increased C02 will make the world a better place to live.

Satellite measurements indicate no increase in temperature in the last 20 years.  They also show that the world is actually greener because of the increased C02 especially in the drier parts of the world.

Inexpensive reliable energy from fossil fuels has raised living standards in the developed world to levels only the wealthy could dream of a few centuries ago.

Eliminating fossil fuels will do nothing to stop climate change, but it would keep much of the developing world in poverty. Rising energy costs will hurt less privileged populations in the developed world as well.

I found it a very informative website with a lot more information that I don’t have room for here.

If the government wants to shut down power plants it should be for their failure to control noxious chemicals like sulfur or nitrous oxides or fly ash.

They are phasing out all plants regardless of their record.
Pat Rutledge
Monitor, Ab.

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