Precarious position

Dear Editor,

Alberta continues to be an afterthought to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s agenda and for proof, look no further than his latest Senate nomination to fill a vacant seat in Alberta. 

Albertans have chosen to elect senators. Yet Justin Trudeau ignored this and instead pursued his own partisan agenda.  

These criticisms are not a personal attack against the newest senator, Ms. Sorensen, nor an attempt to undermine her experience or qualifications, but rather a criticism against how the Prime Minsiter chose to circumvent Alberta’s wishes. 

As a Conservative MP from Alberta, I hear daily how the Canadian Federation in a precarious position. It is clear: Justin Trudeau either doesn’t care about tearing the country apart, or it is part of his political agenda to maintain power at any cost. 

Either way, Albertans and all Canadians deserve better. If you feel the Prime Minister has disregarded Alberta and hurt the unity of Canada, you can let him know at 

The Conservative Party of Canada is the only national party committed to unifying Canada. We will respect Albertans and have committed to only appoint senators that are elected, an important part of our plan to secure Canada’s future. 


By Damien C. Kurek

Battle River—Crowfoot MP

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