Preaching to the converted

I am a member of the Conservative Party of Canada [CPC] and a board member of the Battle River Crowfoot Electoral District Association.

As such, I am on the Federal party’s mailing and e-mail lists and I keep getting requests for donations through the mail and the computer from the party.

In order to justify the requests for a donation they send a one or two page letter with a list of all the broken promises and other sins that Trudeau has committed, like his India trip.

His list of broken promises is quite extensive as I expect most of you know. For example he said he would start with a modest $10 billion deficit and be balanced by 2019/20.

What we have now is almost a $20 billion deficit.

I am not complaining about being on the list or the request for a monetary donations, as political parties can only exist with donations from their supporters.

The problem I have with this process is they are “preaching to the converted”.

The CPC needs to find a way to impart this information to the general public well before there is an election campaign.

The mainstream media including CTV, Global, Toronto Star, Globe and Mail et cetera all seem to think that the Trudeau Liberals can do no wrong.

They are only too happy to splash his happy face in front of a camera every chance they get and are reluctant to report anything negative unless they have to.

On the other hand, they try to avoid reporting positive stories about Andrew Scheer. The narrative that the public gets is that Scheer has a lack of charisma and is not well known.

They do not report that what Scheer says has substance whereas Trudeau’s comments are shallow and his communication is all an act.

I think the CPC needs to go back to the Doug Finley style of communication. He was successful with all of his campaigns for Stephen Harper.

What he did was define the leader of the Liberal party in a way that the public had an overall negative image of the individual without using words that were derogatory.

They need to design a communications plan now that will emphasize Trudeau’s broken promises, irresponsible financial management, his disastrous trip to India, all the illegal immigrants and that sort of thing.

So far I don’t think the general public really understands what a mess he has made of running this country since he became Prime Minister. With his out of control spending we are well on our way to being a third world country.

I have a feeling that carbon tax and climate change could become a major ballot box question in the next election. It is important that they set themselves apart from the Liberals on this issue.

In my opinion, it is imperative that Andrew Scheer and the Conservative party get ahead of the issue NOW. It is not good enough to say that they will repeal the carbon tax when they get into power, nor is it good enough to say that we have a better way of achieving the Paris Accord emission targets.

They need to work with a third party to start the process of educating the public on the real cause of climate change.

Climate change is natural but the media and environmentalists have convinced 67 per cent of the public that carbon emissions are the problem.

Meteorological scientists have proven that C02 is not pollution but a necessary element for plant growth and that we need more not less.

The CPC have the tools to win the next election but unless they use the tools properly, so as to not be out-manipulated like the last time, they will lose again.

by Herman Schwenk

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