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The combining is completed, my garden is all cleaned up and most of the tools put away for the winter. I started farming 61 years ago and this was one of the best crops that I have been involved in harvesting. In fact this is the fourth year that this area has had above average crops except where there was damage from hail storms. Anyway, I now have time to put some of my pet peeves  to paper.
If you have been watching the news recently you are aware that there was a violent confrontation near Moncton, New Brunswick. The demonstrators had set up a road block about three weeks ago to stop a resource company from drilling exploratory wells into a shale deposit to determine if natural gas could be produced by a fracking process. This exploration was to take place near but not on an Indian reservation. The protesters were supposedly from the reservation.
The exploration company was able to get a court injunction to have the road block removed.  The RCMP were finally dispatched to remove the road block when the protesters would not comply with the court order. The result was a violent confrontation with the protesters and the RCMP. Forty of the protesters  were arrested by the police. It is not clear to me if this protest was motivated by the Native Canadians or professional protesters. The police discovered that they had a large arsenal of assault rifles and explosives.
If the protest was motivated by the Indian band I believe they brought in professionals to provide muscle. Like so many other issues with Native Canadians the policies, in my opinion, are racist. This entire process was illegal and needs to be severely dealt with by our justice system. Well, don’t hold your breath. Any other Canadian charged with the same offenses would be locked up and the key thrown away.
For whatever reason, the environmental movement is objecting to fracking. They claim that it puts water wells at risk. In my opinion there is absolutely no scientific evidence to support their claims. This takes place hundreds of feet below water well aquifers. Fracking has been going on since the late 1940’s and no one has any evidence that the process does damage to water wells.
The critique is a red herring. In my opinion, this is the CO2 lobby objecting to the extraction of any kind of petroleum product. Al Gore has just started another campaign to have governments implement a carbon tax. It is another example of left wing thinkers that do not understand or care how taxes of this nature kill jobs.
As long as the aboriginal community insist on opposing various forms of economic development such as hydro carbon extraction or pipe lines that would provide employment for their people, they will continue to be second class citizens in this country.
Native Canadians need to work with governments and the rest of our society to bring about  positive economic development rather then just oppose everything and demand a larger government handout.
The Federal Government and especially the Department of Aboriginal Affairs has to accept responsibility for much of this mess. A significant number of chiefs and  their band councils are paying themselves large salaries while their people live in poverty. This is government money that is provided to the bands for schooling, housing and general infrastructure.
Any other organization in this country has to account for every dollar that they receive from government, why is money allocated to Indian bands not subject to the same rules?
As long as money provided to the Indian bands is not accountable, these people will live in poverty as fraudulent Indian bands will confiscate and waste it for their personal use. If Indian bands were required to provide a budget before receiving money and then file a detailed account of how the money was spent, there would be far fewer of the aboriginal community living in poverty.

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