Prairie Land School Division to ‘critically and systematically investigate’ draft curriculum

Written by ECA Review

Directly before Easter break, Alberta Education released the K-6 Draft Curriculum for public consumption and feedback.

Many school divisions across the province have actively spoken against the draft curriculum and are questioning their participation with the feedback and piloting phase that will be scheduled for the upcoming school year.

At this time, Prairie Land will critically and systematically investigate this document in its entirety.

“We want to make sure that as a school division, Prairie Land collectively finds our spot at the ministry table in an effort to provide intentional, accurate and meaningful feedback. 

With that, we have put together a working group of K-6 teachers that have been tasked with investigating and reviewing the draft document in regards to: transferability to the classroom; areas of strength; areas of weakness and potential refinement; developmental appropriateness; progression of learning and content load across each grade,” said Superintendent Cam McKeage.

Upon completion of this work, the feedback will be presented to Alberta Education and used to guide the actions and position of Prairie Land Public School Division regarding the draft curriculum.

“As a public jurisdiction, we do have concern with this document and by intentionally exposing this draft document, we are exercising our due diligence and opportunity to voice our concern to Alberta Education before we consider our next steps with the piloting phase.”



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