Prairie Land School Division opting out of draft curriculum post review

Prairie Land Regional School Division (Colour)
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The Board of Trustees would like to acknowledge the time and effort of 17 teachers who volunteered to present a deeper understanding of the K-6 Draft Curriculum for Prairie Land Public School Division.

This critical process undertaken by Prairie Land staff constructed a framework for rich discussion regarding potential concerns that have been raised by staff, board members and parents.

A more complete understanding of the draft curriculum has been created that speaks to the nuances in the document while providing opportunity for teachers to assist the Ministry with valuable feedback.

Throughout the review process, teacher teams analyzed each subject area by focusing on identifying areas of strengths in the draft curriculum, areas for improvement, transferability to the classroom in its current form, developmental appropriateness at each grade, and the progression of learning across the grades.

The resulting documents, including the original 660 page Critical Analysis, the Curriculum Review and Executive Summary are available for public consumption at and will be presented as initial feedback to Alberta Education on behalf of Prairie Land Public School Division.

School divisions were invited to submit an Expression of Interest regarding piloting the draft curriculum to Alberta Education by May 7, 2021.

Participation of teachers to pilot proposed draft curriculum has always been on a voluntary basis with Prairie Land, and the Board of Trustees of Prairie Land respects teacher and professional autonomy regarding their participation.

At this time, there has been no expression of interest from staff, therefore Prairie Land Public School Division will respectfully submit the critical analysis of the draft curriculum to the Ministry of Education, but will not be participating in the pilot phase.

The Board of Trustees encourages all stakeholders to spend time with the Prairie Land review documents in an effort to provide feedback for Alberta Education that will ensure the curriculum meets the current and future needs of our students. Feedback can be shared directly with the government at


by Cam McKeage, Superintendent

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