Prairie Land School Division archers show well at World Competition in South Africa

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ECA Review/submitted

Four Prairie Land School Division archers competed this summer to team Canada in a World Competition in South Africa. The Prairie Land archers were, from the left, Vance Laughlin (Youngstown), Natalie Karg and Holly Karg (J.C. Charyk Hanna School), and Sean Murphy (Altario). Each country that participated sent three teams, an adult team, a junior team, and a development team. Vance Laughlin and Sean Murphy were on the junior team. Holly and Natalie Karg were on the development team. The junior team won gold in Bullseye and bronze in 3D. Vance was third for junior boys 3D and third for junior boys overall champion. The development team won silver in both Bullseye and 3D. Holly was second for development female overall champion. Team Canada as a whole won the tournament. ECA Review/Submitted

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