Prairie Land Regional Division meeting

It was a slightly less populated meeting of the Prairie Land Regional Division board on February 5, 2014 as two trustees were absent.

Transportation agreement

A meeting was held with the director of Living Sky School Division in Saskatchewan about a transport agreement between their schools near the border and relative PLRD schools, who were amenable to having an agreement struck.

“We don’t foresee students travelling way off to Saskatchewan to get an education and neither do [Living Sky],” said Superintendent Wes Neumeier.

Discussed was a three year agreement between the divisions, to be reviewed after three years.

It was noted that a transportation fee had not been articulated yet.

‘I think it’s a great agreement and a generous agreement,” noted Neumeier, saying it was fostering connection, not competition.

Barry moved that the interprovincial student transportation agreement between Living Sky School Division #202 and PLRD #25 be approved.

Modernization committee

A committee of individuals who would gather local consensus and research plans regarding the modernization project at JC Charyk was discussed. It was noted to be optimal to have a static group of individuals researching, discussing and planning the process to determine which direction was best to go with the upgrade.

Hanna Trustee Jada hill inquired as to whether the Board considered any other options for using the modernization funds and it was discussed that the project was the best suited for the needs of the school. It was also noted that the Government had made it clear that they weren’t willing to put money into Hanna Primary, as upon assessing the building it was felt by Government that it was not a good investment.

Staff loss and custodial need was spoken to: it was noted that a significant impact to staff was not anticipated.

Ultimately it was recommended that a committee be composed of Neumeier, Deputy Superintendent Cam McKeage, Facilities Director Kent Spath, two PLRD Trustees, both principals, two teachers, two parents and two students. Due to the absence of a number of trustees the discussion was tabled until the next meeting.

Staff wellness

Staff wellness programs were discussed, as it was noted to be of importance that staff members felt supported and belonging as part of their overall mental and physical health. It was recommended by Neumeier that the Board look at wellness programs within the school divisions and put this priority on the agenda at school meetings.


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