Prairie Land Regional Division board meeting

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At the Prairie Land Regional Division #25 meeting on September 18 it was discussed that the town of Hanna was interested in perusing the idea of co-location of their library services, but that the Library Board has reservations.

Superintendent Wes Neumeier said that co-location “plus other alternatives” were being discussed at present, and that “once we get some announcement of funding, [the Library Board] would be more keenly interested” in discussing that route.

Student transportation

Policy 17 Student transportation was discussed at length at the meeting. It was brought to the table by Ed Brinkman, Chairperson of the Board, who said after much thought on decisions made regarding the policy at last PLRD meeting, he felt the policy needed some looking at. “One of the first [Prairieland Division] sessions I was at, it said ‘the Board should do what the policy says, or they should update the policy,’” Brinkman said, “So I would like to look at this in light of the decisions we’ve made, and see if we don’t need to update our policy.”

Ultimately the Board reviewed all policies and administrative procedures with much discourse, and decided to update these policies so that policy and practice are in conformity with one-another.

The Board discussed the difficulty in decision-making of late related to transportation requests for inter-jurisdictional and cross-boundary busing requests.

The current policy indicates that the Board will enable cross-boundary busing to a school of choice preference, at no additional cost to the board. Draft policies to be discussed at  school council meetings suggest changes that include permitting the Board to make case-by-case decisions on incurred costs for cross-boundary busing, the cessation of yard pickup other than for safety reasons and extreme weather conditions and the necessity that all students are dressed appropriately for weather conditions before being permitted on PLRD school buses.

The draft busing policy #17 can be viewed at and APs 305, 491, 550, and 552, at

Consort students awarded prize

Consort School Teacher Gerry Bourassa and high school students Sage Strobel, Kris Glasier, and Spencer Degenstein spoke to the Board about their experiences at the International Genetically Engineered Machine (IGEM) jamboree they attended in June. The event, held in  Cambridge, Massachusetts saw the Consort IGEM team receive the Best Human Practices Award.

To learn more about this project visit the Consort School’s IGEM team website at

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