Prairie Land Regional Division Board Meeting

Council discussed the amendment of Policy 1 – Division vision, mission, primary goal and beliefs at the Prairie Land Regional Division #25 meeting on November 27, 2013.
After some deliberation it was determined that the vision statement be changed to “the development of engaged ethical citizens with an entrepreneurial spirit.”
Some discourse ensued as to whether or not ‘entrepreneurial’ might be interpreted as a purely corporate or financial outlook. Superintendent of Schools Wes Neumeier clarified that the interpretation PLRD was evoking with the word was the notion of risk taking and learning in an environment of mistake making.
Vice-Chairperson Marsha Tkach spoke to clarify the statement further, adding that the aforementioned statement should conclude with “who have mastered the general learner outcomes in the guide to education.”
The consensus was this was a good addition to the overall clarity of the statement. Henceforth the group decided upon the vision statement of “the development of engaged ethical citizens with an entrepreneurial spirit who have mastered the general learner outcomes addressed in the guide to education.”

Results report and plan
Deputy Superintendent Cam McKeage took to the podium to discuss the 2013 – 2016 PLRD Combined Three-Year Education Plan and Annual Education Results Report (AERR).
McKeage spoke to the challenges being faced by PLRD, such as declining enrollment, but augmented this discourse with commendable services schools were providing, such as state of the art teleconferencing platforms.
McKeage also noted common mandates throughout the division moving forward, such as inclusive education, strengthening community engagement  and constructing teacher efficacy.
The plan outlined a focused directive on student achievement, classroom practices and parental involvement.
Improved results on provincial achievement tests toward a standard of excellence and high school diploma examinations in various disciplines were identified for growth.
Also noted was a desire to foster safe and caring schools, with wraparound services assisting with high risk youth.
“Truancy, disrespect, bullying and harassment can all be found within the culture of a school,” noted McKeage. “It is the responsibility of the leaders of the school to understand their culture and turn that culture around.”
In all, the directives outlined by the plan were accepted with optimism by the board.

Budget update
An update to the 2013-2014 budget was outlined by secretary-treasurer Sharon Orum.
Board highlights indicated that an operating deficit of $81,261 is projected, compared to the spring budgeted deficit of $37,065.
Changes in accounting practices as per adjustments made to provincial regulations resulted in the increased projected deficit.
Board highlights indicated that the division’s total revenue stream for the 2013 – 2014 school year, including capital and operations and maintenance is $24,716,340.00.
Projected expenses total $24,973,310.00.

Website development
Prairie Land Regional Division will be contracting services with Dreamstalk Studios to craft a new website design.
The new site will enable an improved ease of use and more transparency and a common interactive platform for schools across the division.
Intents for the new site will allow schools and parents to post and review homework assignments, news, calendars and presentations, enabling reciprocal communications between parents, students and schools.

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