Prairie Land Regional Division board meeting

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Policy 17 – Student Transportation was discussed at the PLRD board meeting October 9. Last meeting’s decision to stand firm on policy guidelines concerning student transportation was brought to parents at school council meetings, and the response was discussed.
The general exchange indicated that parents had mixed reviews on the news. It was noted that most parents understood the aim of PLRD board, but cited external factors such as unfavourable weather conditions as a caution for picking students up at the curb.
VP Elaine Horner noted that Barry Creek parents felt that any money saving means were positive, as they are subject to the longest bus rides in the district.
“[Berry Creek parents] supported looking at it, and seeing if our policy was in fact the best for all students,” she said, “It might inconvenience some, but they wanted to look at it throughout the viewpoint of all students.”
Chairperson Ed Brinkman mentioned that he had brought up the changes to Delia parents, and that they were receptive as long as common sense was utilized to determine pickup proximity.
It was also noted that Special Areas and Starland would have to be spoken to, in regards to extra signage.
Ultimately Superintendent Wes Neumeier noted that perhaps the strict implementation of policy by PLRD was not the correct way to go about it.
“We could update the policy to reflect better the practice,” he said, “because sometimes you have to respect the practice you have.”
Ultimately, due to only two bus routes being brought to the table by administration for analysis of mileage reduction, it was decided that more information would have to be presented prior to a decision being made regarding policy. Discussion was thus tabled until further information is presented at next meeting.

J.C. Charyk modernization
It was announced that the J.C. Charyk Hanna School modernization grand opening will be October 30 at 10 am.

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