Possible solar farm project raises concerns

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Written by Cheryl Bowman

Director of Development for PACE Canada LP, Claude Mindorff presented a solar farm project to council during the information meeting on Wed. Jan. 25.

The plan for the project is to put the solar farm adjacent to the Town of Hanna airport.

However, while discussing the project and comparing the development to wind farms councillors became concerned.

“When you talk about wind that is when all the confidence in your company fades a bit. It’s easy for you to promise the world because you don’t live here but we will call you to task because we have been put through the wringer by another company that promised the world and stuck it to us,” said Coun. Sandra Murphy.

Other concerns have been brought forward by local community pilots due to how close the project will be to the airport.

“We want our pilot’s questions and concerns listened to and responded to,” said CAO Kim Neill.

After discussion, a motion was made to thank Mindorff for his presentation which was carried unanimously.

Lynks activity update

Executive Director of Lynks, Doray Veno provided council with an update on the activities and upcoming projects for the organization.

A big update from the presentation heard by council is that further monetary assistance from the town which hasn’t been needed in the past, may be needed in the future.

“There may be some additional responsibilities and additional costs that we haven’t had in the last two years. There is an impact coming down the road we just don’t know how full that impact is going to be,” said CAO Neill.

Economic development

The manager of the Harvest Sky Economic Development Corporation (HSEDC), Mark Nikota provided council with an update during the information meeting.

The HSEDC works on the resident attraction, tourist attraction and investment attraction for the area.

One big success brought forward during the meeting is regarding the economic developments marketing campaign.

The marketing campaign is in the hopes of bringing new tourists as well as potential residents to the area.
While it is hard to measure the success of the campaign so far councillors are happy with the current results.

“Almost once a month someone has a package show up and I have no idea where they are from, it’s exciting,” said Mayor Danny Povaschuk.

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