Porta-potty gone – mixed blessing?

Dear Editor,

Many thanks to the Village of Morrin council, administration and public works for arranging the clearing of solid obstructions from the 60 plus years village sewer lateral connecting our property.  

The solids had precluded our being able to flush solid waste since last year when we had a backup into our basement.

We were informed by Randy Hardy, TKNT Mechanical Ltd., Drumheller, in a report sent to us by Village Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) Plachner, that although there remains a 20 foot water-filled obstructed sag in the line, there are many sewer lines that have the same problem or worse and people are still able to use them.  This is very reassuring to say the least.  We can now sit easy.  

Hardy made the following recommendations for us to follow going forward, which would allow us to flush solids and eliminate our need to use the porta-potti.  This was welcome news so now we won’t have the monthly expense of the porta-potti ($1811.25 since May 2021) including using discretion of what goes down the toilet; frequent flushing with just water will help maintain buildup of solids; even a properly graded sewer line can plug if certain products are poured down the drain such as grease, etc. or personal hygiene products, diapers or paper products other than toilet paper.

Again, kudos to Mayor Hall, Deputy Mayor MacArthur, Coun. Edwards, CAO Plachner and Public Works Dave Benci.


Howard & Lynn Helton

Morrin, Alta.

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