Politicians have short memories

Dear Editor:
Re: “Responsible government is a Premier’s choice” by Kitchen Table Talk; Sept. 3.
This group of conservative politicians seem to have a very short memory. They have forgotten that voters were very upset with the PCs for running an election that wasn’t needed and for wasting money on that last provincial election.

They seem to have forgotten that voters were fed up with one political scandal after another under conservative rule.

They seem to have forgotten that government managers were rigging contracts in favour of individuals and businesses. As a matter of fact, three managers were recently fired for doing so under the PC government.

Voters were “fed up” with conservative politicians creating a culture of “entitlement” and some folks and businesses came to believe they were “entitled” to pork-out on the taxpayers’ dime.

Voters wanted to know why Alberta’s Heritage Trust Fund produced so little income/interest while the trust funds in Alaska and in Norway were doing so well.

Voters were fed up with a flat tax system that favoured businesses and the top 10 percent of society while the ordinary citizen was actually paying more in taxes than his/her counterparts in most other provinces in Canada.

The voters made their choice. They chose to remove a corrupt government, yet these conservative politicians want the government to make the “right” choices. Meaning less taxes on the natural resource sector and less taxes on the wealthiest individuals in our province, just like in the “good old days” of PC rule. The PCs had 44 years to make the “right choices” but they mismanaged their time and mismanaged “our” money.

Consequently, I am going to give the NDPs a chance to run our province in an efficient manner even though the economic situation around the world, especially in the US, China, Europe, and the Middle East, poses a major hurdle for Alberta.

Contrary to misinformation promoted by conservative pundits in Alberta, the price for our natural resources are not set by the Alberta government but by hedge fund operators, by OPEC, by the American dollar and by the glut of oil on the world market.

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