Political decisions are not a ‘me and mine thing’

Dear Editor,

Re: Letter titled, Some people not satisfied, pg. 2, June 28.

First item on the ‘Agenda’ of an Annual General Meeting (AGM) should be to select someone to replace the chairman until all elections are complete.

Yupo, that’s the way she’s done.

I’ve attended many meetings in my lifetime and have never attended one where anyone, especially the Chairman nominated himself. New to me!

There is more to representing your constituents than making flowery speeches with no substance.

As an MLA your voice in the caucus is one in the room.

The respect that everyone in the room has for you makes the difference whether your concerns being brought forward or ‘G Filed’.If you’re a backbencher, the most important assignment: “turning off the light switch.”

Rick is an Agriculture Critic and has a seat in the front row.

If you were in Rick’s position, perhaps your speech wouldn’t have been flowery and perfect. Having spent all day in the legislature, driving from Edmonton to Hanna, entering a room filled with people with an agenda of destroying the board, that worked for you with a board unfamiliar to you.

Put yourself in his boots.

The board is established to assist, not undermine the MLA of that riding.

I find it hard to understand the “disfaction” with the board.

Are the minutes of the constituency association meetings posted? And if so, do those reading them have knowledgeable understanding of them?

Every discussion is not in the minutes. Did the board not bring ideas forward?

The United Conservative Party (UCP) is not the ‘Alberta Government,’ they are the ‘Opposition.’ They are limited on their performance bringing forward ‘reasonable’ and ‘respectful’ ideas and concerns to the best of their knowledge. No easy task every day.

Yes, as Drumheller-Stettler MLA Rick should have been the first speaker and given extra time.

Did the chairman instruct the speakers they would have three minutes and with special permission from the chair five at the most? “Robert’s Rules”.

Yes, there are rules, and if you don’t obey them, the chairman may ask you to leave.

Don’t hop on the bandwagon because they’re playing your favourite tune. The music soon ends, and you’re left wondering what went wrong.

Pay attention to issues concerning all Albertans not just in your small corner. Alberta needs sound, solid, thinking people in government right now. It’s a bit of a wreck.

Political decisions are not a ‘me and mine thing’, they affect the wellbeing of everyone from the penthouse to the street people. They all feel joy, laughter, pain and hunger.

Politicians need the Good Lord’s guidance as never before.

Have a thoughtful, considerate day.

Margaret Kvigstad,

Metiskow, Ab

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