Political agendas key basis for mandates 

Dear Editor,

I disagree with the ‘Truckers’ regarding their stand on vaccination requirements but I do absolutely agree with their right to protest, and for the most part they have done so with little if any violence. 

Yes, they have inconvenienced people but that is what protest is supposed to do.

In my opinion, the handling of this epidemic has been done with so much political agendas being the key basis for mandates rather than science that skepticism can only be fostered.

As I previously stated, I am in favour of the science and have and will elbow my way to the front of the line for vaccinations, boosters and wearing of masks in public. At this point I accept there are those who do not feel it necessary to wear masks, or get vaccinated. 

I have a personal opinion that I’d really respect these decisions if they also followed up with not occupying hospital beds forcibly made available to them by Alberta Health Services. Making second class citizens out of the other sick and in pain patients who have been refused treatment so hospital beds are made available to those who have decided to forego vaccination, get Covid-19, and then take the place of others in need is somehow wrong.

The system surrounding the fact the so-called Freedom Trucker’s leaders are being held in jail, without trial, and not being allowed bail is draconian justice, especially when murderers, violent offenders walk free before the police have finished their paperwork and the ink is dry on the paperwork.


J. Wesselman

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