PLRD students outperform in diploma exams

January diploma exam results were presented to the Prairie Land School (PLRD) Board and with continued focus on the teaching and learning focal point, PLRD has outperformed the province in Math 30-1, Math 30-2, English 30-1 and English 30-2.
Physics 30 and Chemistry 30 were not delivered in the first semester.
PLRD continues to focus on quality teaching and learning and on improving the depth of understanding that students have across disciplines.
In order to exceed at high levels of achievement, there is a required concerted effort on behalf of students, parents, and staff.

Delia School capital project
Upon learning that Delia School was not in the first round of Alberta Education 2017 Capital Projects, PLRD submitted a stakeholder report to Alberta Education regarding the possibility of reconsideration by the Ministry.
The report addressed the safety and structural deficiencies within Delia School, and the need to address these concerns in a timely manner.
The report also examined our local partnerships and included letters of support from the Village of Delia and Starland County.
The second round of 2017 Capital Projects announced by Alberta Education could occur in late May or early June.

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