PLRD Board Policy Review initiated

The Prairie Land Regional Division (PLRD) Board of Trustees initiated a review of board policies’ at their Nov. 14 meeting by critically reflecting upon Policy 1 – Division Vision, Mission, Primary Goal and Beliefs; and Policy 2 – Role of the Board.
Each policy was amended and will be shared with school councils and PLRD staff.
The trustees will spend the year reviewing all 23 policies in an effort to ensure that they are meaningful and applicable to their responsibilities as elected officials.

ASBA Zone 5 Director
Board Vice-chair Marsha Tkach has been appointed ASBA Zone 5 Director.

Bill 24
The government has proposed Bill 24 – An Act to Protect Gay-Straight Alliances.
The board discussed the proposed Bill 24 and filtered their discussion through existing PLRD Policy 23 – Welcoming, Caring, Respectful and Safe Learning and Working Environments, and see no need to make amendments if Bill 24 is passed.
Bill 24 would amend the School Act to:
• Require all publicly funded schools to create welcoming, caring and respectful policies and make them publicly available.
• Strengthen the Ministry’s ability to ensure school authorities have compliant policies by creating the ability to deem policies or policy elements.
• Protect the privacy of students that join a GSA or QSA.
• Provide additional clarity around the establishment of GSAs or QSAs at the school level.


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