Plough wind struck near Cadogan

Likely a plough wind struck near Cadogan, Alta.
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Likely a plough wind struck near Cadogan, Alta. on Perry Nelson’s property and scattered a slab fence and the cross beams from the slab wall over 40 yards.  One cross beam, 2 x 6 x 12 plank was driven into the siding of a nearby shed. The wind also broke off two large pine trees. The renter who lives on the property said it looked like it was nighttime outside before the storm passed and daylight returned. Environment Canada’s website said of plough winds, “these strong, sudden downdrafts bring cool, dense air from aloft, rapidly spreading it outward ahead of the thunderstorm or squall line,” and that they “strike a larger area than tornadoes but can be just as strong.”  ECA Review/Submitted

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