Pleasington Church hail damage

Pleasington Church sustained substantial damage as hail pummelled the country church

The Pleasington Historical Society (PHS) reports that Pleasington Church located just a little east of Forestburg has sustained significant hail damage from a storm that passed through the area on Monday, July 20th.

The hail primarily damaged the west and north walls of the church and lifted some shingles.
Darol Felzien, the President of the PHS awaits a formal assessment from an insurance adjuster; therefore, the exact cost of repair is not available.
Felzien provides an annual accounting of issues pertaining to the Pleasington church and cemetery when the patrons gather for a special summer program.
People donate generously at special public events that the PHS host throughout the year.

The donations are used to maintain the needs of the church and cemetery.
Rose Marie Oberg; Secretary for PHS states, “We have been so blessed with people who generously support the PHS. Throughout the history of the this church whenever a need arose local patrons have offered their time, expertise, and money.
We are thankful for those who give so freely to us. They seem to value how the PHS maintains the church and cemetery. They trust us to keep the church going and to continue providing a service for area residents.”

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