Please weigh ‘wants’ against ‘future’ of Canadians

Dear Editor,
The way people vote matters. How we vote tells our politicians what we want for our great country.

Our votes influence the way our leaders operate.  Votes are more powerful than many realize.

This election has me spooked.  Many Canadians wish marijuana to be legalized, more social programs, pay raises, going green, etc. etc. etc. These are all important issues which matter.

The issue I am the most concerned with at the moment is remaining safe and experiencing continued freedom in this country.

After the election, our borders might open really wide, our tax dollars might be spent importing some really good people into our country, as well as some very, very bad, scary, awful individuals.

What will happen if we continue to open up our border because of the way people vote in elections?  If we continue to haul people into our country and they reproduce on a larger scale than we Canadians do it won’t be long until we become a minority in our own country. We might already be on the verge of becoming the minority.

Once these people whom we have allowed in have established themselves a foot hold they will be running our country.  Will they run Canada exactly the same way the country they left is being run?

This means the Canada we know and love may no longer be our Canada, it may become their Canada, their beliefs and their values.
It is very difficult, if not impossible to stop a problem once the problem has been created.

I am not concerned about the people whom are embracing and enhancing our country with their culture.  I am concerned about those who wish to change our country to serve their culture.

Today Canada wants Muslim women to take off their face coverings for the Citizenship Oath. This is grounds for a debate about multiculturalism and religious freedom in the country.

If we continue in the direction we are headed, tomorrow our great granddaughters may very well be forced to wear the niqab and cover their ankles in our very own country.

If this day arrives, there certainly won’t be any debates about religious freedoms because they will have been abolished by the very people we are so willingly allowing into our country.

When the day of the election arrives, please weigh “wants” against the “future” of Canadians.

My wish is for our grand children’s children to grow up in a country which is safe and enjoys a sense of freedom.

Lori Schwenk, Coronation


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