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Dear Premier Notley,

No, you did not respond or give consideration for concerns expressed.

Why it matters?

It matters because our riding supports two coal-fired power plants, two coal mines, thousands of oil and gas wells, hundreds of manufacturing and support jobs.

It matters because the economic shift imposed on Albertans has created economic, social and environmental hardships residents did not ask for or vote for.

Alberta has led the world through a commitment to communities, schools, hospitals, seniors, the environment and young families.

We are farmers, builders and innovators.

We adapt, accept and find solutions.

I may not understand all the challenges facing Alberta and the world but what I do understand is from participation and communication.

We need a governing body that listens and communicates.

One that participates.

For all those putting themselves out there to make a difference please continue to listen and communicate.

Please help all Albertans understand policy and direction.

Help everyone understand that coal is green energy as it takes 170 tonnes of coal to make a wind turbine and that Alberta has the cleanest and most socially responsible oil and gas in the world.

That thousands of acres of agriculture land are sacrificed to mine the rare earth minerals to build wind generators.

That our Alberta farmers and landowners have accepted responsibility for unpaid taxes and clean up if green energy fails.

Help us to understand so we can continue to be a part of solutions keeping Alberta the best place on earth to live and raise a family.

Premier Notley, please listen and communicate.


Dwayne Felzien

Alliance, Ab.

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