Played a disciplined basketball game

The Theresetta School Kindergarten class had a Bear Day on Thurs. Jan. 26 where they practiced hibernating! Clockwise from the left: Anthony Heidecker, Ethan Weber, Brody Schulmeister, Tessa Beaumont, Chloe Barnes, Mia Lefebvre, Finlay Hanton and Charlotte Reuangrith. ECA Review/Submitted

Theresetta School Kindergarten students have been learning about the Arctic. They built Inukshuks and compared their height with their Inukshuk’s height.
On Thurs. Jan. 26, they had Bear Day.  The kids brought their teddy bears to school and wore their comfy pyjamas so that they could practice hibernating.
They sang the song ‘10 Bears in the Bed, and did lots of counting. They listened to the story, Goldilocks and the Three Bears. The kids did a fantastic job acting it out!
The Theresetta boys basketball team had a very close, competitive and very fun tournament in Killam on Jan. 13 – 14.
They had a close, 3-point game against Sedgewick.
Everyone improved their skills, confidence and played a disciplined game of basketball.
Coach Nicole Roland gave them very positive, helpful ideas and tips all weekend.
On Thurs. Jan. 26, the boys basketball team hosted Brownfield for a well fought game. The Knights came out the clear victors.
The entire Theresetta student body got to enjoy a play performance put on by the grade 4 class on Thurs. Jan. 26.
The grade 4 class worked hard to perfect their acting and lines before treating the school with their production of “The Fish Tank”.
The Jr. ATB bank was open on Thurs., Jan. 26 at noon.  All nine employees were present and they helped 19 customers.  This month’s winner of the $25 gift card was Kyla Beaumont!
With all this nice weather lately, there isn’t really a chance for kids to make a real snowman, so the grade 1/2 class improvised and made some interesting perspective snowman in art class last week.
They used some water colour techniques and cardboard to make the top view of a snowman.
Although art projects are fun, hopefully we get some more flakes before the season ends so the students can make a real snowman again!

by K. Smawley

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