Plans for economic diversification

Forestburg village council

Council discussed economic diversification during their regular meeting on Wed., May 4 and the following points were brought up: a need to develop a marketing campaign that works in conjunction with the 100th Anniversary Celebration; the potential need to engage a marketing consultant to provide direction on how to set up the campaign; developing affordable lots; updating the internet service, developing an inventory of all businesses; using “fresh eyes” to view the community to see what sets Forestburg apart; promoting local shopping; setting up a public meeting to discuss the issues facing the future economic situation.
Administration set a public meeting to be held on Thur., June 9 at 7 p.m. at the Community Hall.

Semi-retired individuals to provide training
According to the unapproved meeting minutes, Matt Fedun stated that he has been working with the apprenticeship board advocating for apprentice training outside of major centers.  He feels that there are sufficient semi-retired individuals available in our area to provide training to our grade 11 and 12 students.

Matt Fedun requested all four sets of bleachers for the Forestburg Power Sports Association for use during the drag races and mud bogs.  Council had be no issue with this as Administration will be purchasing new bleachers for the annual swim meet.

Fedun also asked about the property left at the airport by the previous tenant and indicated that it would cause issues for the drag races.
Administration will be contacting the previous tenant to have all property removed by the end of May.

Good fences
Corinne Jordan appeared to discuss constructing a new fence between her property and her neighbours.
Council indicated that because she was replacing a fence, administration policy states that no permit would be required.

She was also told that the village would not be dealing with property line issues between the two properties and recommended that she obtain a survey to ensure that all parties are fully aware of where the property line is located.

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