Planning requirement cancelled 

Written by Sarah Baker

The cancellation of a deferred reserve dedication, established by the Red Deer Regional Planning Commission in 1977, was brought to council at the July 19 regular meeting.

According to the Director of Community Services, Todd Pawsey, the planning requirement outlined that subdivisions reserve 10 per cent of land for the municipality.

A lease expansion application for NE20-35-9-W inquired about the location of the deferred reserve.

According to the planning requirement, 15.9 acres of the 159-acre area would act as the deferred reserve.

Administration noted that there is no defined area, and the county should not have exercised that option 45 years ago.

The county could take the land at any time by giving notice to the landowner for school or municipal purposes.

Discussions with the Subdivision Planner at the Palliser Regional Municipal Services (PRMS), Gary Wilson, noted that the PRMS can remove the deferred reserve caveat at any time.

Council moved to have the caveat of a deferred reserve from the land title. Administration will communicate with the landowner to receive a letter of acknowledgement.

Funding applications for the 2022 Alberta U11 Baseball and the U11 Coronation Stealers baseball teams have been received and approved by council.

Council ratified both applications. Each team will receive $500 through Recreation and Community Service grants.


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