Plain common sense

Dear Editor,

Justin Trudeau, Jagmeet Singh and Rachael Notley in my opinion have for years denigrated anyone who dares to question their view of how we all should live our lives. I call what those who stand up to tyrants like our Prime Minister are expressing “righteous anger.” This is “fear and ignorance farming.”

The reason Pierre Pollievre is striking fear in the hearts of the main stream media (MSM) is that he presents a clear, articulate and reasoned view of the damage that the unholy alliance of the Trudeau Liberals and Singh NDP are doing to Canada and it’s citizens.

Danielle Smith’s victory in Alberta is being branded as dangerous populism when it is just plain common sense. She is proposing nothing that Quebec does not already have.

Trudeau and his minions have used COVID-19 and irrational fear of climate change to ramp up inflation to dangerous levels and try to discourage investment in Canada and particularly Alberta.

The victories of Pollievre and Smith and the subsequent torrent of capital investment into Alberta show the enthusiasm for the potential for sound leadership.

The elections of new conservative governments around the world show a trend away from the buffoonery of the Trudeau, Biden style. This winter when Europe gets cold and hungry it will accelerate the move away from the dangerous ideology of the left.

Hopefully even Eastern Canada will wake up and realize that we need to allow private industry to build pipelines and further develop our energy industry, not only for our own benefit, but as a humanitarian effort for our fellow world citizens.

Gord Snell
Three Hills, Alta.

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