Pitting people against each other

Dear Editor,

The media, political leaders and public healths’ daily reporting on the COVID crisis remains confusing at best.

The stats presented and rules concerning the management of COVID are conflicted and have left the public “shaking their heads”, trying to decipher the truth from fiction.

Is this the best vaccine? How many doses? Can you mix them? Do you need boosters and how effective are they and for how long? 

This type of confusing messaging creates vaccine hesitancy for some.For confirmed anti-vaxers you won’t change their thinking any way but they can still have an opinion or a voice.

However, creating the a “blame and shame game” is not helpful but is a serious situation that fragments once again groups of people, some families and friends.

Personal choices of getting the “jab” or not should not be labelled right or wrong. Pushing mass vaccination and mass identity passports particularly with threats of consequences with employment being terminated is outrageous.

These actions and control over people’s lives are dangerous and not the road of democratic thinking.

Living in Alberta and hearing of nurse shortages and front-line paramedic’s job‘s being threatened because of vaccination coverage is outrageous.

Let’s just watch and see that scenario play out? These same people go to work and do their jobs because that’s what you do. They are not heroes nor do they think they are. 

They also aren’t the usual crew demanding or protesting for higher wages.

AHS had better take a step back and deal with the real issues of nursing shortages and the deplorable working conditions and the broken system that the ambulance personnel work in every day.

The Canadian public is told every day that the Public Health  Authority is following science so mandatory vaccination is the total answer. We as the public have to question “ what Science are they following?”

For the premiers in several provinces that question this type of ruling for vaccination passports, I say Bravo!    


Gayle Smigg

Hanna, Alta.

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