Pipe collapse spurs special meeting, immediate action

Written by Terri Huxley

A double pipe blockage and collapse underneath Main Street in the village of Youngstown resulted in an immediate response from council in mid June.

Coun. Ken Johnson, who oversees public works operations as part of his councillor duties, found that a pipe was determined to have collapsed in two sections of Main Street.

A total of 154 metres of pipe was replaced between the locations; one was between the village office and post office while the other was near the skating rink.

Council had an emergency special meeting on June 15 accepting the quote from Brooks Asphalt to do the work immediately.

In the meantime, a vac truck was pumping water every day to keep things running, which has added to the overall bill.

They had to shut the water off but Johnson noted they never lost water pressure which was something Special Areas was concerned about because if water pressure had dropped it could mean additional charges involving environmental contamination issues.

“If you have zero water pressure you have to go through environment and flush it but they put patches on it where the water was running out so there couldn’t be any contamination. They do that stuff all the time.”

Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) Emma Garlock said the quote could be in the $100,000 range but will not be sure until all bills are given.

“I think it was well within what it should have been and they were there by Thursday morning,” said Johnson.

“They were pretty professional with how they did it,” he added.

Defibrillators on the move

Quotes for two new or used units have yet to come in from a Canadian emergency company that specializes in defibrillators.

Council determined at their meeting on Tues. July 7 that they would hold off on purchasing two units.

Instead, they chose to move one of the current defibrillators located in the skating rink to the community hall where more events often take place throughout the year.

The other unit will remain at the recreation centre.

Coun. Johnson noted the pads would need to be replaced as well.

Chlorine metre replacement

Public works foreman James Mably returned to work after a hiatus, joining council for their monthly meeting.

One of the first things he mentioned should be addressed is the replacement of an old chlorine metre which has far outlasted its normal lifespan to the point it is obsolete.

He estimated the price would be around $1,000 depending on the one they buy.

CAO Garlock assured council there would be some funding under water and sewer within this year’s budget for the purchase.

Sewer lagoon

A previous agreement between the village and a company from Brooks is now called off after the company gave notification they will no longer be needing the lagoon to dump sewer as originally planned on.

At the June meeting, council approved WTS Rentals to dump at the lagoon with the rates provided to them.

Since then, an email outlining their cancellation was submitted but did give solid advice on who to allow to dump and who not to in the future based on if they are strictly septic tank users or have oil and gas residual in their tanks.

Council accepted this as information.

Back alley gravelling

Coun. Johnson said there were signs of a potential issue with the gravelling in the alley behind the car wash to the curling rink in town.

People have been known to cut across one person’s property so to prevent this, Johnson suggested they gravel the alley and make it more square so if the owner wishes to use their land they can.

He noted a similar situation behind the tea house to access the garbage disposal area.

“It gets pretty mucky,” added Foreman Mably.

Council passed a motion to gravel both alleyways using Municipal Sustainability Initiative (MSI) funding.

They determined they may need between two and three loads of gravel to complete the project.

Firefighter letter

CAO Garlock told in her report to council that a letter from Hanna fire chief David Mohl had requested a letter of support from the village.

The letter will be used to help the Hanna Firefighters Association get new burn props for their practice facility, which Youngstown firefighters utilize on occasion.

CAO Garlock gave them a letter of support prior to the meeting.

Regional business directory

CAO Garlock was able to connect with surrounding municipalities within Special Areas to come up with possibly starting a regional business directory as part of Return to Rural, a program that encourages local business and shows the positives of living in a secluded area.

This is still in the early stages with more meetings to come in the future on developing this.


Terri Huxley

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