Picking winners and losers

Dear Editor,

The editorial opinion of June 13, titled Jason’s “War Room”, pg. 6 graphically illustrates how different views are of the left from the right.

Regarding Shell and Exxon Mobile endorsed the leadership plan of the NDP, it is more likely that they were anticipating the subsidies they would receive to convert to other sources of energy.

This is illustrated by the fact that they so quickly reverted back to the free enterprise model when they realized that under the new administration those subsidies would be gone.

The writer finds the synchronization of government and industry appalling but seems to be quite in agreement with Rachel Notley’s administration destroying an industry in order to comply with the political agenda of those who want to stop the climate from changing.

Nor was the NDP sympathetic to 100,000 workers that they put out of a job.

There is a vast difference in synchronization of industry with government than government getting into bed with the labour unions.

Unions like the political left as they are only interested in their next wage increase.

They have no interest in what it takes to build an industry that creates their jobs.

They do not appreciate the risks taken by industry or entrepreneurs to create the jobs they depend on.

It is my opinion that the NDP government has no money other than that they first have taken from the taxpayer, to manipulate industry and the consumer, with subsidies and grants.

The editorial talks about the greed of the corporation versus the wellbeing of all citizens.

This ignores the fact that corporations are made up of citizens that hold shares in the corporations and are the risk takers that create the jobs for unions and nonunion workers. Corporations and private entrepreneurs in Alberta have for many years been in the forefront of developing alternate industries outside of the oil and gas sector.

Comparing Jason Kenney’s support for the oil and gas industry with Trudeau wanting to protect the SNC-Lavalin CEOs, simply illustrates that the political left has little sense of what is right or wrong.

Trudeau had no problem compromising the law to save 4,000 jobs but felt no guilt in destroying an industry and killing 100,000 jobs.

Supporting corporations and private entrepreneurs does not mean that governments should not have the possibility of oversight, but governments right or left, should not use taxpayer money to pick winners or losers.


George Friesen,

Lacombe, Alta.

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