Petition against proposed RV Resort along Buffalo Lake

A grassroots group of Buffalo Lake area residents opposing a proposed massive RV park have already garnered more than 1,000 signatures in a petition they started last month.
The petition against the proposed Paradise Shores RV Resort was started by Darrell Hicke of Calgary who spends summers at Buffalo Lake and plans to retire there.
“It’s not the type of development we anticipated or envisioned at the lake,” he said. “We’re not anti development. We certainly understand the business community’s enthusiasm but at the same time I think they have to understand that we have to live with it.”
Hicke said they also understand the County of Stettler’s need to diversity the economy and plan for future taxes.
“Those are all commendable but at the same time with that large of a density of people they will quickly realize the economic benefits are outweighed by the negative aspects.
Developer Dave Hamm, during a special County of Stettler council meeting Feb. 28, said they are doing everything they can to address any issues area residents have and that they want the development to benefit the community.
A public hearing is set for March 17.

Lisa Joy
ECA Review

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