Perspective in the Christmas season

Christmas is a time that is meant to remind us of the hope we have in the birth of Jesus. 

This can be difficult when, as a region, province, country and world, we have found ourselves facing daily challenges, uncertainty and loss. 

And yet, it is because of the hardships we face that we need to remember and hold on to the true meaning of Christmas, allowing it to give us the hope that there will be a better tomorrow.

The unfortunate reality of Canada being hit with another wave of COVID-19 is we have been forced to embrace this Christmas in a much different way. 

While there is much grief and frustration among us as we are unable to gather with loved ones, both close and from afar, we can get creative as we respect health guidelines to ensure the safety of those who are most vulnerable among us.

Knowing how hard these times are, for those who can, consider donating to a food bank or a local charity to ensure those who need help these holidays are taken care of. 

Similarly, if you find yourself, or know of someone, in need of assistance please courageously reach out and ask for help. We are all in this together.

Throughout this past year, I am extremely thankful for the many service men and women who wear our nations uniform. 

Normally, this gratitude would be directed at our Armed Forces deployed around the world, however this year we saw our service women and men step up right here at home when they were called upon.  

Healthcare and frontline workers also deserve a special thanks as they stepped up during this pandemic, often times putting themselves and their families at risk. 

From those working at long-term care facilities, emergency rooms, to other vital and essential services such as those working at the local grocery stores, agriculture, energy and manufacturing, and all those who have worked tirelessly to protect and serve Canadians, thank you.

Our country has faced pandemics, world wars, recessions and numerous other challenges over the years. Some were easy to recover from, while others took much longer. Despite the challenges faced, Canadians have always emerged stronger on the other side. We have come together to defeat adversity before, and with perseverance and unity we will do it again.

I wanted to take a final opportunity to wish everyone in Battle River-Crowfoot the very best this holiday season. May God bless you and may we all be reminded of the hope that comes from the birth of Jesus.

From Danielle, Matthew, Emerson, and myself, a very Merry Christmas and all the best in 2021.


Damien Kurek

MP of Battle River-Crowfoot

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