Personal knowledge of patients missing

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Dear Editor,

I agree with Ray Cerniuk and his opinion article entitled ‘I must agree and disagree’, pg. 6, Dec. 3, 2020, when it comes to the care in senior living homes, that we need to follow the money.

These seniors all pay for their care and it’s something like the ‘WE’ scandal.

The government is going to give money to upgrade these places but you can bet little will go to improve conditions, instead going into the pockets of investors and CEO’s.

I also worked in one in the past. These workers do their very best and they certainly earn their wages. 

It’s not unusual for one person to be on one unit of 30+ patients with the second person responsible for giving out pills on two units with that same person suppose to be the helping hand on both units. But try to find them when they are needed!

Food was really good before it was let out to other companies. The same with laundry that goes to a service but you have no idea how much of the senior’s clothing gets lost when it gets mixed with bedding.

These laundry companies, when they are doing it for so many homes, have no idea who it belongs to, thus the lost clothing ends up in used clothing stores.

The place I worked was very good because it was before things were put up for bids and most of the people working there knew and cared for the residents. When they started making these homes so large they no longer had any personal friendly knowledge of the patients.

We could say our schools are an example of the same kind of problems as they went from community schools to big mega schools where they have massive problems with drugs and bullying. 

In the smaller schools these things were cleaned up at the community level. The same with the seniors care.

Massive government care just doesn’t work. All it does is waste money in big salaries.


Clara Sharpe,

Munson, Alta.

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