Perseverance paying off for Eric Comrie

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Hockey fans follow, read about and watch video features of some of the most heralded players in the game — McDavid, Ovechkin, Crosby, McKinnon, etc. But for every superstar, there’s about 30 grinders, and the next 428 words is about one of them.

Goaltender Eric Comrie doesn’t need a paycheque from a hockey organization to pay the bills or put food on the table.

He comes from a wealthy Edmonton family whose patriarch is Bill Comrie, founder of The Brick furniture empire. It’s quite apparent that if and when 27-year-old Eric finally hangs up his pads, he’ll find some sort of well-paying job in the world of king-sized beds, sofas, kitchen suites and ottomans.

But it’s obvious young Comrie is addicted to playing professional hockey. Many of his ilk would have given up by now, realizing the road to success was riddled with potholes.

He has had a taste of the NHL in seven seasons, but for most of his time, he bounced around the American Hockey League and the waiver wire, not to mention being a hot name in the trade market.

Since No. 1 goaltenders are a rare breed, opportunities galore exist for Comrie and others who are of No. 2 or even No. 3 calibre.

This year, it appears, Comrie may finally have found a permanent home. After five games over three seasons (2017-19) with Winnipeg Jets, three games with Detroit in 2019-20, one with New Jersey Devils in 2020-21 and another 19 last season with the Jets, Comrie has in the early going seemed to have found a home as No. 1 goalie with the Buffalo Sabres, one of the feel-good stories of the young NHL season.

Perennially bottom dwellers over the last decade or so, the Sabres won seven of their first 10 games, including back-to-back Comrie-led road victories in Edmonton and Calgary. How sweet that win in Edmonton must have been, with dozens of family and friends in Rogers Place cheering him on.

Given his nomadic career and continued dedication to establishing himself as a regular NHLer, it’s no surprise that Comrie has a Bill Masterton award nomination to his credit.

The Masterton is presented annually to “the player who best exemplifies the qualities of perseverance, sportsmanship, and dedication to ice hockey.”
He didn’t win, but his peers around the NHL have obviously recognized his dedication to his craft, and his determination to make it. Trades, waiver pickups, demotions to the minors …. Comrie has looked at his variety of constant career changes with optimism. “It’s always nice to be liked and when you’re picked up off waivers, someone is liking you,” Comrie told

His early success this season in Buffalo may be a harbinger of great things to come. Based on early results, the Sabres and their fans are definitely liking him, too.

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