Perhaps some people not satisfied

I recently read in the June 13 issue, a Letter to the Editor, written by a fellow who had some concerns regarding the UCP Annual General Meeting (AGM) held in Hanna last month.
It was a well-attended affair, in part due to the efforts of one of the candidates for nomination.
The writer had some concern with this, as he mentions that he heard someone say, “Nate wanted 400 here tonight”.
I doubt that you could find anyone, the sitting MLA included, who would argue that 400 at an initial AGM is a cause for concern, regardless who may have worked to make it happen.
‘Nate’, of course, is Nate Horner, who is seeking the nomination to represent Drumheller/Stettler in the next provincial election. To have a candidate say that he wants large numbers at the AGM suggests to me that the man is serious and that he can, in fact, bring those numbers, suggests that some people are perhaps not real satisfied with the performance of their MLA.
No cause for concern, merely people exercising their democratic right.
Another concern for the writer was the fact that people outside, were handing out lists of individuals running for director.
He is correct, in that it was a list of “preferred” candidates. These lists were handed out by people whose interest was in seeing the current Board of Directors replaced entirely.
In other words, they “preferred” a whole new Board.
There was no arm twisting, no threats made, you could vote for whomever you wished. The very fact that lists were being handed out, and that the board was entirely replaced, would suggest a great deal of dissatisfaction with the current board.
It further shows that someone had the brains to tap into that dissatisfaction, and the organization to get it done. Concerned about someone thinking and organizing? Nope.
As for the president running the meeting, who would the writer have preferred run it? And, as for the president nominating himself, there were no other nominations, (perhaps the writer could have made a nomination from the floor?) and so the president merely accepted another term.
Having the three candidates speak while the votes were being counted was perhaps not the best idea but certainly no great concern.
What was more concerning was who decided the order in which they would speak. If it was the MLA, he made an unfortunate choice in speaking first, as he is not a strong speaker and it would have been to his advantage to have spoken last.
However, that did not happen, he spoke first, and he spoke worst, in my opinion.
Chip Aiello,
Drumheller, Ab.

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