People must take responsibility

Dear Editor,

Many people are very upset about Dr. Deena Hinshaw’s announcement of further relaxation to regulations surrounding the pandemic in Alberta. 

Some folks just can’t stand it that Government and Public Health Officials seem increasingly unwilling to look after them from the cradle to the grave. 

Some even incorrectly quote Hinshaw as having said that “The pandemic is over”. 

That kind of talk is nothing but political showboating. 

In fact, what I gathered from Hinshaw’s news conference was that the virus is likely going to be with us and will remain endemic within the general population for an unspecified period of time. 

Further, she was clearly stating that it is merely many of the related restriction laws which are being removed and that people must still take responsibility for their own actions.

Honesty, is it too much to ask people to think for themselves abit and stop always looking to government to provide laws and miraculous answers to everything? 

Sometimes I can’t help but ask myself what sort of a cry baby culture have we bred up in our western civilization?

That said, I believe Hinshaw is right. This virus is going to remain. 

Furthermore, continuous wave lockdowns are unsustainable and can and will destroy livelihoods, leaving more devastation to the economy and to mental health than the pandemic ever did in the first place.

Some experts are warning that it is probably the vaccines themselves which are spurring on the emergence of mutated variants, just as has been the case with bacterial infections where  widespread use of antibiotics have been used to combat disease. 

The MRNA technology only uses a single protein associated with the virus to create an immune response within the body and suppress the ability of the infection to progress into severe disease. 

It does not completely eradicate the virus, and thus allows for a small percentage of “morphed” copies to survive and move on. 

I think it’s becoming quite clear to health officials that the only truly effective immune response is that which is created by a full blown viral infection and the body’s own manufactured antibody build-up which properly blocks the pathogen within the body and stumps the ability of the disease to remain contagious. 

In other words, it could well turn out someday to be the case that we will ultimately have the “unvaccinated” to thank for the eradication of this scourge.

For old “people kind” like me, that sort of sucks. For us, upgraded vaccines and booster shots will, I believe, have to continue, just as it has always been the case for each annual flu season. 

I believe the only way we will ever get completely on top of this virus is for it to run it’s course of infection through the general population. You know… the way diseases of the past once used to do.

This is just an opinion column. I am not claiming to be an expert in epidemiology. Just someone who is accustomed to thinking for himself and standing on his own two legs. 

Instead of being a ‘sheeple’, who goes whining to the government about anything and everything, and then placing blame upon that same government for not handing over miracles on a silver platter.


Lee Hudson


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