‘People can waste a lot of water’ said Morrin’s CAO

Councillor Dr. Bob Graham, in reviewing the accounts payable, questioned if it was usual for the water bill to be that high?
Chief Administrative Officer (CAO)Annette Plachner explained the water was billed quarterly.
Coun. Graham’s interest in the water bill was a result of him noticing water running down the street from an unoccupied home and was wondering what that would have cost the village.
CAO Plachner explained there was no way of knowing.
“We have to look at getting meters because people can waste a lot of water,” said Plachner.
“I’ve seen it happen,” said Coun. M’Liss Edwards. “People will just let it [water] run down the street.”

Drumheller Mail correspondent for Morrin, Darcy Graham questioned during the meeting if she could get a copy of the letter of apology to former councillor David MacLeod that M’Liss Edwards had said she would write, “just to make sure it was sent,” said Darcy.
MacLeod had requested council at their last meeting that Coun. Edwards be sanctioned and she write an apology to him for her post on Facebook.
Mayor Helton pointed out that “M’Liss Edwards was not on council at the time of her discourse with Dave MacLeod on Facebook, it is not incumbent, appropriate or in any sense legitimate for this council, on which she now sits, to sanction her.

New business
Coun. Edwards, who is a director of the Morrin Community Association, abstained from voting on the motion to grant the association with their usual $500 for operating and maintaining the hall.
Lisa Hall, treasurer of the association pointed out, in a letter to council, the need in the future to replace some flooring, the siding and always new equipment.
The association depends on this grant and casino money.
Council motioned to continue their monthly agreement with Muniware for the village accounting.
A two per cent increase of $5.77 monthly takes the cost up to a total per month of $288.06.
Morrin Ag Society requested and will re-sign a lease agreement with the Village of Morrin. A more recently signed agreement is needed when applying to raise funds by working casinos.

Council concerns
Coun. Graham raised the issue of accepting gifts, referring to the five leather chairs gifted to the village by Howard and Lynn Helton for the public’s use during council meetings rather than sitting on metal chairs.
“I’m not trying to create ripples,” stated Graham. “But what if someone wants to donate goats to cut grass?”
“If someone offers [a gift], then I guess we can decline,” said Mayor Howard Helton.
He added, “I asked Annette”.
CAO Plachner confirmed when Helton had asked her about the chairs, she had responded they could use some.
Municipal Affairs, prior to getting the chairs , had told Helton there were no conflict issues involved in gifting the chairs when He had made the enquiry.
After some discussion, it was decided it was the role of the CAO to determine the appropriateness of a gift to the village.
“If I feel it’s a big issue, then I will bring it to council,” said CAO Plachner.

Council reports
Coun. Graham reported on the Palliser Planning Commission he attended including questioning on Morrin’s Municipal Development Plan that according to CAO Plachner, Palliser is suppose to be working on.
Also talked about training programs for appeal boards or Palliser looking into what savings would be incurred if they were to join the Red Deer Appeal Board.
Members taking training have to re-take it every three years which is a cost.
Coun. Edwards reported on her meeting with the Drumheller Seniors Foundation.
Mayor Helton provide written reports of the two meetings he attended, the Morrin Homecoming 2020 and the Community Futures Big Country.
Helton explained that in an effort to go paperless, all members of Community Futures are given a tablet.
He added that one goal is to reach out to their smaller communities.
“Like a gas station in Morrin,” asked Coun. Graham.
“We worked on that [gas station] for a couple of years,” said CAO Plachner.
It fell through due to regulations as far as containment of a spill, shut down, and regulations for cardlocks when there is no one there, said Mayor Helton.
Former Mayor Lacher who attended the meeting said at the time the government did not have their regulations in place.

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