PC desperation


Well, here we go again! The PCs are trying to talk Jason Kenny into running for the leadership of the PC Party. That is based on the pretext of uniting the right.

The problem I have with this process is that the powers that be don’t seem to understand that the Progressive Conservative party of Alberta is NOT a right wing party.

The words progressive conservative is an oxymoron. Progressive is a liberal or a socialist term.

It refers to parties that believe government should provide and be involved in the basic needs of it’s citizens rather than allowing people the freedom and intuition to provide for their own needs.

The PC government that was in power never was a real conservative government. They always believed in big government. Their progressive philosophy really got them into trouble when Stelmach and Redford became premiers.

Progressive governments tend to let the bureaucracy call the shots and that encourages empire building within the bureaucracy.

In my opinion that was at the root cause of Alberta producing deficit budgets ever since Ed Stelmach became the premier.

I just don’t see a fit with Jason Kenny as the leader of the PC Party because he definitely is not a progressive. He was first elected as a Reform MP over 20 years ago.

This initiative is about trying to resurrect the old tired PC Party. They are desperate to destroy the Wildrose party.

I think they can’t stand the idea of a grassroots party being in power. It would not only decimate the NDP, it would get rid of numerous PC sacred cows like changing the top down centralized health care system.

In the June 23 issue of the ECA Review there was a letter to the editor from former MLA and cabinet minister, Marv Moore.

He is suggesting that the 22 Wildrose MLAs and the nine PC MLAs should get together in the same room and decide to form a new right wing party.

Well, that definitely would not work. That was the process that took place in the fall of 2014 between Danielle Smith and Jim Prentice.  It would be making the same mistake all over again.

The Wildrose Party is a grassroots party, and it soon became apparent that the members of the party were not in agreement with that arrangement.

In fact that effort at uniting the right is the reason that the NDP are in power in Alberta today. It is the members who should decide the future of the party.  The responsibility of the MLA’s, executive and staff of the party to implement the policies of the party as directed by the members, not the other way around.

All that needs to happen for uniting the right in Alberta is for the conservatives in the PC Party to support the Wildrose Party. The PC Party is in a panic because they can see that that is what is happening now!

I think the PC Party should unite with another party but that party is the Liberal Party. Whether they know it or not, their philosophy’s are very similar.

The reason that the PCs don’t like that idea is because the word liberal does not sell very well in Alberta.

There is an old saying that “You can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear”.  That is what marrying the Wildrose and PC parties together would be trying to accomplish.

The process to get rid of the NDP is happening now, so just let it happen without trying to reorganize parties and confuse everyone.

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