Payette denies the existence of God

Last week while reading through “The Catholic Register” I read an article titled “Payette faces backlash over faith remarks”.
In the article, Canada’s Governor General Julie Payette appears to set herself above us ordinary Canadians especially if we believe in God.
It is obvious to me that both her and Justin Trudeau have an elitist attitude.
While our new Governor General is considered to be a very talented and an accomplished scientist, during a speech to the ninth annual Canadian Science Policy Convention, she demonstrated a very unscientific bias.
She dismissed divine intervention as a factor in evolution and lumped those who believe otherwise into the same category as climate change deniers and horoscope readers.
If she is a scientist she should know that science is based on evidence and there is no evidence to prove that increased C02 emissions are a contributing factor to climate change.
Metrological and geological research scientists can have proven that C02 levels were never the cause of the earth warming up after an ice age.
C02 concentrations increased after the ice had melted. If she had the courage of her convictions, that convention would have been an ideal place to set the world straight on the real cause of climate change.
In that speech she proved that with all her accomplishments she has an elitist mindset and evidently does not believe in divine intervention.
She said “And we are still debating and still questioning whether life was a divine intervention or whether it was coming out of a natural process let alone, oh my goodness, lo and behold random process.”
Divine intervention is a natural process. These people seem to think that creation and evolution are contrary concepts. They are not.
God has been always and will always be.
Scientists have determined that our universe has existed for over 13 billion years and our solar system for over four billion years.
Evolution is the way that God created everything, through a gradual process.
Christian Elia, the executive director of the Catholic Civil Rights League said “Her comments were disappointing and insulting”.
She also said it is ridiculous for the Governor General to present faith and science as an “either-or proposition”.
Her role as the Queen’s representative in Canada is “to be impartial and neutral”.
Prime Minister Trudeau defended the Governor General, applauding what he called “the firmness with which she stands in support of science and truth”.
It appears to me that our Prime Minister is a hypocrite as he claims to be Christian and supports Muslims who believe in God.
Both he and the Governor General come across as being atheist. They seem to think that believing in God is very unscientific.
Perhaps the Governor General should do some scientific research and read the Bible.
The Bible is a recorded history book. That history is just as authentic as the recorded history of the Roman Empire and basically occurred during the same time frame.
Christ performed miracles that modern science has not been able to duplicate.
Jesus was not an ordinary human being. His conception was by the Holy Spirit, not by a man, so in effect he was the Son of God in the body of a man.
That is why he was able to perform instant miracles, something no other person has been able to do.
As I have written in previous columns, to understand the story of Jesus Christ just read the four gospels in the New Testament.
Denyse O’Leary, a Catholic author stated Julie Payette’s job is to represent Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, who sits in a pew every Sunday as head of the Church of England.
The Queen does not seem to have a problem with divine intervention nor should Julie Payette.

by Herman Schwenk

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