Parkland Regional Library requests budget approval

Parkland Regional Library Services submitted a budget synopsis for council’s review on Tues. Oct. 2.

The library system anticipates their budget projections for 2019 to have their provincial operating grant remain the same at $4.70 per capita and $5.55 per capita for the rural library service grant.

Provincial grants accumulate to almost half of the system’s total income at 45.5 per cent. Parkland will be increasing their municipal per capita requisition 13 cents as figures are based on minimum revenue and maximum expenditures when the budget is calculated.

Council approved the 2019 Parkland Regional Library proposed budget including this 13 cent per capita increase.

Bylaws pass

A Land Use Bylaw and Municipal Development Plan Bylaw public engagement session was scheduled for Thurs. Aug. 23.

First reading took place on Sept. 6 and finally, the public hearing was scheduled for Oct. 2 before the regular council meeting.

No written or verbal submissions were received by the town administration which left council with clear action.

Both bylaws received second and third reading, ultimately passing.

Council Code of Conduct

The council code of conduct is a bylaw to establish standards for the ethical conduct of members relating to their roles and obligations as representatives of the municipality as well as a procedure for the investigation and enforcement of these standards.

This bylaw is one that is required under the Municipal Government Act (MGA).

The article is unique in the sense it does not require a public hearing since it is an internal issue only regarding the council and town staff.

Council passed first reading of the bylaw.

Bashaw Strategic Plan

Brian Austrum visited town council to discuss further details of what direction council wishes to go in the coming year.

An initial meeting has already taken place but the second time was to further solidify this direction.

An open house to gather public opinion will happen in January.

The public will have a chance to speak to some new ideas they may wish council to tackle in 2019 as well as pressing issues that deserve more attention.

“We want the public to have some input,” said Mayor Penny Shantz.


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