Parkland Regional Library increases contribution rate

Council received the 2019 budget from the Parkland Regional Library (PRL) and reviewed the 1.6 per cent per capita increase that was presented in the budget.

This would change the per capita contribution from $8.12 to $8.25 which would result in the Town of Coronation paying the PRL $122.33 more per year, totalling $7,632.

Council moved to approve the new budgetary item, saying the services are always welcomed and utilized within the community.

“I know the library is really happy with them, they provide a good service,” Coun. Jackie Brigley.

The mayor agreed saying “I tell you when that building is filled with kids I like to see that, it gives the kids something constructive to do,” said Mayor Mark Stannard.

The total combined tax levy for 2018 was $1,549,458 and if you take in to account the properties that are making monthly tax payments there is an outstanding balance of $185,180 which translates into 11.95 per cent of uncollected taxes of the total amount levied in 2018.

“I think we are in a better position than we were last year, I think just because the economy is better,” stated Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) Sandra Kulyk when council was discussing the current uncollected tax levy.

AUMA Convention

The Alberta Urban Municipalities Association (AUMA) Convention was held in Red Deer from Sept. 26 to Sept. 28 and a few of the councillors were registered to attend.

Sessions dealing with a variety of topics that would affect municipalities on a regional or provincial level were discussed.

These would include such topics as designated industrial property requisition tax rate, paying for highway improvements caused by development, financial assistance for electric vehicle fast-charging stations, Alberta historic resources foundation funding, equitable provincial charitable gaming model, victim services units funding, senior care, cannabis assessment and taxation and many other areas that would be of a concern for municipalities.

Bike rack at library

Council approved the nine-position bike rack for $650 but since the meeting, town employees searched existing inventory and found a bike rack at the swimming pool that can be used at the library as currently bikes are being left on the sidewalk or leaned against the building.

Economic Transition Centres

CAO Sandra Kulyk gave an update on the Battle River Economic Opportunities Committee (BREOC) Working Group.

Interviews have been conducted and hiring recommendations have been made for the employment opportunities that were available at the Economic Transition Centres being established in Castor and Forestburg.

Renovations at the two locations will begin Sept. 25 and hope to be completed by November 1.


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