Parents face girls in volleyball match

Some Theresetta students pose with the Christmas Child boxes on Nov. 14 that they donated. From the left, back row, from the left, Hailey Rowland, Josie Kneller, Sierra Newman, Sydney Renschler, Owen Beaumount, Samantha Wold, Ashley Renschler, Kyla Beaumont, Damon Reis and Kolby Renschler.
Front row: Danica Boger, Harlyn Bunbury, Simone Fetaz, Leah Boxma, Boston Slemp, Jasmine Ramirez, Tavi Pickles, Drew Bagshaw, Chloe Berry, Ethan Boger, Adien Lafferty and Rueben Fetaz.

On Nov. 5, the Theresetta Knights, the junior high girls and boys, travelled to Stettler for CARA volleyball playoffs. The tournament is to decide who gets to move onto the CWAJAHA tournament on Nov. 19.
The girls earned six points in their round robin play, out of a possible 10, and they got to move on to a quarterfinal game against Gus Wetter 1.
They lost their quarterfinal match but were so happy with how they played in all their CARA games.
The boys finished third in the 1J division. They lost a tough game to Big Valley in the semi finals.
The junior girls ended their volleyball season with a wrap-up Nov. 17. They invited their parents in for some a fun volleyball game. About 12 parents came out to face the girls and it is more than fair to say both sides had a blast playing each other!

Learning curves
The Grade 1/2 students learned that leaves are green because they have chlorophyll and our experiment, using rubbing alcohol, separated the chlorophyll from the leaves to show us what the leaf’s original colour was.
The grade 3/4 class will get to do lots of hands on activities, as they prepare to build devices that move in the Wheels and Levers science unit.
The preparations for the Christmas Concert show have begun! The elementary class play practices are underway. The 5/6 class is busy memorizing their lines.
The 3/4s are working hard to learn all the melodies they are in charge of belting out. The K-2s have already been practicing their songs for some small audiences.
Please come out on Mon., Dec. 19, to listen and see all the students’ hard work pay off as they present their annual Christmas Concert!
On Nov. 25, the staff and students at Theresetta will be participating in a retreat put on by Face2Face Ministries. The students can look forward to a day or songs, games, reflecting and laughter.

by K. Smawley

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