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Carolyn Fetaz demonstrating on Harlyn Bunbury how to put on a sari for the Grade 3/4 class. ECA Review/Submitted
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Where did January go?

Many of the students and staff at Theresetta have been heard commenting that they are not sure what happened to the month of January.

Ever since coming back from their break, everyone has been busy learning, going to sports practices, playing basketball games, attending the new afterschool Games Club, attending the junior high dance, and wrapping up the first semester.

The Theresetta hallway is currently displaying the school’s second, and final, travelling art exhibition for the school year from the Alberta Foundation of the Arts Travelling Exhibition Program.

The exhibit is called “Painted with Fire” and was created by artist Ken Lumbis.

The series is created using clay sculpture and pit-firing techniques. The pit-firing technique involves an application of various materials and fire to create organic patterns across a ceramic landscape.

A variety of compostable materials and minerals, for colourants, are arranged on top of ceramic pieces, which are then placed in a fire pit.

A fire is then lit on top of the pieces and that’s “when all the chemistry happens”.

Once everything has cooled and the ashes are brushed away, the final results are revealed.

Be sure to come by and check out the exhibition while it is in school until Feb. 14.

Carolyn Fetaz demonstrating on Harlyn Bunbury how to put on a sari for the Grade 3/4 class. ECA Review/Submitted

Studies on India

On Jan. 24, the Grade 3/4 social studies class enjoyed a presentation by Carolyn Fetaz about India, which is one of the countries they are learning about this year.

Mrs. Fetaz shared pictures, clothing and artifacts from her time in India as a volunteer teacher in 1997-98.

Harlyn Bunbury modelled a sari which Mrs. Fetaz had worn during her stay in India.

They also learned how to say two phrases in Telugu, which is the language spoken in Andhra Pradesh.

It was a very interesting way to learn about another country and enrich the content the class has already learned in their social classes.


Also on Jan. 24, the junior high members of the Theresetta curling team were lucky enough to be gifted eight tickets from ATB to watch the Alberta Scotties Tournament of Hearts in Stettler.

The donated tickets from ATB had the students sitting right down at ice level in the ATB box.

The students were delighted to get to see the curling games up close.

On the bus trip home, the students were buzzing with all the new things that they picked up from watching the pros.

The complimentary pop and donuts made the experience that much sweeter!

The students had such an awesome experience and got cowbells that the team will be sure to loan out to their parents to use at upcoming bonspiels.

Drop everything and Dance

Students got a surprise on Jan. 30 just after lunch, as music suddenly came over the school’s intercom system signalling the first “Drop Everything and Dance” for the school year!

This is an activity that the Theresetta Wellness Team puts on to encourage health, happiness and school spirit.

Students so enjoyed getting to drop what they were doing, head out into the hallway and dance around with the entire school.

It a very fun way to break up the routine of the day and keep everyone moving!

Smart saving habits

Junior ATB took place on Jan. 31. There were 16 customers who visited to make a transaction with the help of the nine workers.

This months winner of the gift card draw was Hailey Rowland. While Cole Charbonneau and Teo Pickles took home small prizes also from the draw.

The Junior ATB program has been a great success in Theresetta and is such a positive way to encourage smart saving habits and teamwork for all those involved in running the monthly bank days.


In basketball news, both the girls and boys teams have been busy with league play. The teams travelled to Veteran on Jan. 23.

After a close first quarter the female Knights squad started to pull away from the Veteran girls and ended up coming home with the win.

It was a spirited game and Veteran put up a great effort. The final score was 69 – 28.

The boy’s team also battled against Veteran and ended up on top with a final score of 61 – 24.

Coach Finkbiner was really happy with the game and commented that he was proud of the Grade 5 and 6 players who made a great contribution to the team’s final result as 22 points came from the elementary end of the bench.

On Jan. 30, the Theresetta teams hosted Gus Wetter for some great games enjoyed by a nice big crowd.

The girl’s squad worked hard and pulled out the win.

The boys put in a great effort and tried their best against the Raiders but were defeated 44 – 56 in the end.

Up next in the basketball season sees the girl’s team travels to tournaments in Erskine on Feb. 2 and Consort on Feb. 9, then hosting their home tournament on Feb. 23.

The boy’s schedule has them in Erskine on Feb. 9 for their one and only basketball tournament after they sadly had to cancel their home tournament due to not enough players being available to attend.


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