Paintearth holds organizational meeting

The County of Paintearth has completed another organizational meeting as per Municipal Government Act (MGA) requirements.

On Tues. Oct. 15, Stan Schulmeister was acclaimed to the position of reeve again while Doreen Blumhagen was sworn in as deputy reeve for another year as well.

Councillors were encouraged to sit on new and existing boards. Most stuck with the committees or boards they currently sit on with only a few changes.

The MGA’s recent changes have prompted council to establish a new committee called the Emergency Advisory Committee with the reeve, two councillors and the director of community services to sit on it.

“It doesn’t replace the role of council but will help with policies and plans,” said Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) Michael Simpson.

They will meet once or twice a year. A bylaw created by administration will soon follow suit by being introduced at the next meeting.

There was also action called to delete the Municipal Planning Committee, now the commission, the Safety Program and Risk Control Committee that is handled through administration, and Alberta Rural Transportation Committee.

The Municipal Planning Committee is no longer needed as the entire council already sits on the new Municipal Planning Commission, thus a mute point.

Coun. George Glazier mentioned the Alberta Rural Transportation Committee is still active although they do not meet often.

With this information in mind, council deleted the Municipal Planning Committee and the Safety Program and Risk Control Committee while keeping the transportation committee.

For council remuneration, council voted to keep the rates the same at $220 per day or $110 for a half-day for each meeting.

Mileage is set at 55 cents a kilometre.

Lunch will be provided during Council or Agriculture Service Board meetings and all other meals will be reimbursed per Council Policy.

This includes breakfast at $20, lunch at $20 and dinner at $30.

Convention Allowance is set at $220 per day or $110 per half-day with parking costs at a convention be reimbursed.

Councillor allowance is set at $600 per month; Deputy Reeve allowance is $800 per month, and Reeve allowance is $1,000 per month.


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