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Traffic counts are to be added to the 2014 budget, said Public Works Superintendent Ed Manz at the Paintearth County Council meeting on Wednesday, November 20.
The unit consists of a vehicle tallying software working in tandem with two rubber hoses that cross any roadway and count the number of axels that drive over them.
Manz mentioned that there are different kinds of units available; some attuned to vehicular weight and speed, others solely for counting purposes. He noted that most likely the County would be looking at the basic model.
Manz mentioned that a similar monitoring system was used in the Handhills at a stop sign and recorded 2500 vehicles passing through.
“One vehicle went through at 180 km at 4 am,” said Manz. He noted that the data acquired through these machines regarding road usage is valuable, and that one week of monitor would be sufficient to get an average read on the target roads.

Valley Ski hill
The Valley Ski hill sent a request for help to the County, inquiring if they could use the county’s D8 Caterpillar for 120 hours.
The council discussed the logistics of this request, noting that they would need to cork the Cat to prevent sliding – which would take three days – and would need to uncork it when the job was finished. Additionally, the Cat is currently in Consort, so the cost of taking the vehicle from Consort to the hill and back would be around $3600.
It was discussed that a donation to the hill may be more feasible, as the hill could then use it to rent equipment closer to the facility itself. It was noted that this was the procedure in 2012, when SK Welding was commissioned to do the Cat work.
The County also mentioned that a D8 may not be necessary for the job – and that a smaller Cat would perhaps lower the overall cost of the work.
It was motioned that the County would provide an additional $10,000 donation to help with hill sliding, paid out of the Halls and Recreation restricted surplus.

Fire truck
The Village of Halkirk came to the County requesting a new water truck for their Fire Department.
It was discussed that Agricultural Service Board (ASB) had an old herbicide spray truck that was converted from a water truck.
Whereas a new truck would cost approximately $150,000, the cost of re-converting ASB’s truck to a water truck would be around $50,000.
Transfer and retrofit of ASB’s old truck to a water truck was carried.

Breathing apparatus
The Town of Coronation requested half of the cost of six certified breathing apparatus’ for the Coronation Fire Department. The cost per unit was labeled at $6,000.
The County discussed two options. The first was to donate half of the payment, equalling approximately $18,186 to the Town of Coronation. The second option was to directly purchase three units at $18,186, expensed over the life of the asset, to be owned and insured by the county and for use by the fire department.
It was discussed that option two would give the County some ownership over the asset. Motion to move forward with the purchase of three breathing apparatus, owned and insured by the County of Paintearth, was carried.

Infrared camera
The Town of Coronation requested the County to pay half of the cost of an infrared camera, valued at $10,000, to be used by the Fire Department. It was discussed that the camera could be used to locate hot spots remaining from field fires and could help visibility in heavy smoke.
Two options were discussed: the donation of $5000 toward the purchase, or the outright purchase of the camera to be expensed in the County budget over the life of the asset.
It was noted that if the County purchased the camera, all three fire departments – Castor, Coronation and Halkirk – could share use of the object.
Reeve George Glazier noted that in good faith, the second option should be presented to all the fire chiefs. This was agreed upon by council.
Motion to purchase the camera to be kept in the county office and lent out as required was carried.

Castor Cadets
Councillor Tyrrill Hewit discussed an email that was received from the Commanding Officer of the Castor Cadets, noting that operations have been suspended in Castor. It was noted that there was a view to reorganize and start a Stettler squad next fall.
Some discussion occurred regarding a meeting that took place on September 23, meant to address the rumor – at the time – that the squadron was moving, whereby it seemed that the squad was staying in Castor.
It was also discussed that it would make sense to keep up with the cadets in Castor until the end of the year, than make decisions at that point.
Ultimately the County felt that it would not be of much use to send a letter of support for the Castor Cadets, as decisions had been made and finalized by those in charge. The item was accepted as information.

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