Paintearth County purchasing truck tractors

Written by Terri Huxley

County of Paintearth Public Works Director Bryce Cooke introduced council with a proposal to purchase two new tractor trucks as part of the budget for 2022.

Two quotes were received from New West Freightliner Red Deer and Great West Kenworth Red Deer.

The latter’s tender was said to be the only one meeting the tendered specification for a 560 Horsepower (hp) engine, however, Kenworth’s tender exceeded the county’s budgeted amount by $15,204 per truck.

The Freightliner engine from New West is at 505 hp which does not conform to the requested tender specifications, however, it is within the budgeted amount.

“Public Works previously specified a 560 hp engine due to concerns that a 505 hp engine wouldn’t have enough power with an automatic transmission to pull a super bee gravel trailer fully loaded. 

Recent County purchases have had 560 hp engines with an automatic transmission. 

Operators say they have noticed only a small loss of hp from our 18-speed transmission,” said Cooke’s report.

“The extra horsepower makes a difference in performance hauling on softer gravel roads through the May-July haul season. 

Performance issues can translate into shorter lifespans for the unit, safety issues hauling while loaded in adverse road conditions, and increased shop time in the event of transmission failures.”

The second option from Great West came to a total cost of $250,204 between the two trucks as well as engine and transmission warranty.

The warranty lasts for seven years on motors and five years on transmissions.

This is the first time the county has changed out their tractor trucks but was confident with speaking to many companies that the Great West would cover what they needed.

A big factor was the fact these units are automatic which will cause more wear and tear on the brakes quicker but all public works staff will be able to run them plus the resale value of a Kenworth will be higher compared to other brands.

Council agreed to adjust the budget by taking the extra $30,408 from restricted surplus to purchase the two Kenworth’s from Great West Kenworth Red Deer.

Order wait times are 10-12 months from confirmation of order at this time so the county will expect to see them this late fall or early next year.


Terri Huxley
ECA Review

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