Paintearth Council

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Paintearth Council
The new Paintearth Council. (L-R) Back row: Brian Bunbury, Division 2; Rocky Dahmer, Division 3; Tyrrill Hewitt, Division 6 and George Glazier, Division 1. Front row: Walter Weber, Division 5; Diane Elliott, Division 7 and Doreen Blumhagen, Division 4.

Organizational meeting
The County of Paintearth organizational was held on October 22, 2013 at 9 am. The meeting outlined the duties of members and council practice, procedural bylaws and saw new members take an Oath of Office.
At the meeting George Glazier was recognized as the new Reeve for the County of Paintearth, Diane Elliott was recognized as Deputy Reeve and Doreen Blumhagen joined County Council as representative for Division 4.

Pipeline meeting
John Englert and Ron Middleton, both engineers with the province of Alberta, were present to provide an update on a Special Areas water project. The project includes bringing water from Red Deer river and piping it to Leymann reservoir – south of Consort – for agricultural purposes.
In their update they stated that they’re in preliminary design stage of the project. Initially Englert and Middleton were thinking of having the water travel through an open canal, but upon further consideration it was more cost effective to pipe it in.

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