Paintearth Council: Bylaw rezoning request

A request to alter land usage under Bylaw 698-21 was submitted during the recent Paintearth council session on May 22, seeking to rezone a plot of land from agricultural to recreational designation.

Cabin on the Coulee Farm put forth a proposal to rezone sections NE 14 and SW14-37-13-W4 from agricultural to recreational classification.  This follows a similar rezoning of the northwest quarter from the previous year.

Todd Pawsey, Community Services Director, revealed that Cabin on the Coulee Farm had applied for two development permits to construct additional seasonal structures, a Yurt and a Bunkie (a small cabin) and was anticipated to be completed by 2024.  He highlighted the farm’s expansion of amenities, including the establishment of a trail system, and noted a significant increase in bookings.

Pawsey stated that notifications would be sent to neighbouring landowners and would advertise a public hearing slated for June 18.  It is anticipated that during this hearing, a second and third reading would be conducted.

“I think it’s great for us,” expressed Pawsey, emphasizing the farm’s promising trajectory.

According to their official website, Cabin on the Coulee Farm is a family-operated farm situated in East-Central Alberta, offering accommodations such as a log cabin on the coulee’s edge, with plans to introduce a Yurt and a Bunkie in 2024.

Council moved to pass first reading for the changes to the Land Use Bylaw for the County of Paintearth No. 18, Bylaw 698-21 be amended for the purpose of rezoning the NE14 and the SW14-37-13-W from Agricultural District to Recreational District.

Funding approved
Coronation Royals U13AA requested a $500 grant under the Recreation and Services grant for the team of 14 players and four coaches to attend provincials this year.

Council moved to approve the funding application for the Coronation Royals U13AA.

Funding denied
A request for $500, under the Recreation and Service grant, from the Castor Raiders U22 AAA to attend provincials with a team of 19 players and two coaches was made.

It was noted that the grant is only available for youth under 18.

Council moved to deny the funding application for the Castor Raiders U22 AAA.

Windshield replacement
On the morning of May 16, a County of Paintearth county gravel truck encountered a vehicle heading east on highway 12.  During the encounter, a rock struck the front window of the passing vehicle, causing damage.

Council moved to approve compensation to the vehicle owner for the replacement of the damaged windshield in the amount of $315.

Cheryl Bowman
Multimedia Reporter
ECA Review

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